Ohio State’s spring game was 2-hand touch for a bit, and everyone was confused

Safety’s pretty paramount in spring games, and literally the worst thing is to have a player get hurt during a glorified scrimmage. But football’s an inherently violent game and there will always be risk. Ohio State took pretty much all the risk out of their game today however.

Here’s what it looked like, and it should be noted that they are going full speed but just not taking anyone to the ground.

This could be a response to what happened at Mississippi State last week, where a player got hurt after a pretty huge hit and the game had to be cancelled.

It’s pretty common for QBs to not be live in spring games or regular practices for that matter. But to have an entire 11-on-11 game of glorified two-hand touch is quite unorthodox.

In the second quarter, they finally started tackling at least a bit.

At the 9:03 mark of the second quarter, we have our FIRST tackle of the Ohio State spring game.

Williams should already be in the league. He was productive through his first three years at BYU until his junior season was ruined by a knee injury, which occurred so late in the year and with enough severity that Williams was forced to sit out the 2015 season.

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