The Bengals get one of the draft’s top pass rushers with pick No. 41.

In the first round, Cincy Jungle swung for the fences for the Bengals in taking running back Leonard Fournette. It may not have addressed the team’s issues on defense, but Fournette’s addition could transform Cincinnati’s offense. Going into the second round, the Bengals are faced with issues on the defensive line, where they could use a pass rusher and an interior piece.

Marcum: I went back and forth on this one with both Tim Williams and Charles Harris on the board. Both are tremendous pass rushers who badly give the Bengals help in that department, but I give Harris the edge. He actually was an every-down guy playing in a defense that was very weak outside of him, but Harris still managed to put up big numbers this past season.

Yes, Austin Rivers is out with a hamstring injury. And yes, Rivers has emerged as a solid combo guard having a career year with the Clippers. But without Gobert patrolling the paint, Los Angeles was supposed to put a fork in a Jazz team missing the biggest piece to their game plan.

The Clippers were unable to do that.

It’s unclear how long Gobert will be out for. He could miss another game, if not more. But if the Clippers can’t handle a Jazz team without a rim protector, how are they supposed to compete with Cheap High Quality Soccer Jerseys Golden State Warriors in the second round?

And given their struggles against Utah on Saturday, it might Cheap Jerseys For Sale be worth second guessing whether the Clippers will even make it out of the first round this time around.